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We’re off on another plane trip. This one is about 24 hours from door to door, and I haven’t been able to get our meals confirmed. So I’m planning to bring our food (sigh…another thing to pack and carry!) It’s a little tricky because we don’t have access to heat things up and I don’t have a cooler I can carry.

Here are some ideas:

  • plain pasta in a ziploc bag (plus baggies of parmesan, spice mix, and individual ketchup packets to make it however each person likes it)
  • quesadillas (two of my kids like them cold.)
  • carrot, cucumber, and pepper sticks
  • apples, pears, or washed grapes
  • sandwiches (peanut butter, cream cheese, american cheese, etc.)
  • string cheese
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • baggies of cereal (you might be able to get milk on the plane, or just eat it plain)
  • bag of crackers, popcorn, nuts, dried fruit, fruit leathers, other non-perishable foods
  • protein bars (these clif bars in chocolate mint are our favorites, but these pecan pie larabars are good, too)
  • tuna (we don’t really eat tuna, but if you do, bring whatever you need for it)
  • meals to go, like these la briute self heating meals (I’m not sure about air travel regulations)

Be sure to eat the more perishable things first (eggs and cheese!) We bring plastic bowls, spoons, and forks, too. And of course, some treats: chocolate (for me!), gumballs, individual hot tamales or other candies, lollypops, and pink lemonade mix (to add to water when it comes around!)

Looking for more help with traveling with the kids? Here is the traveling with kids series: Check out part 1 (airplane travel), part 2 (your in-vehicle bag), part 3 (packing), part 4 (while you’re gone and making unpacking easy), part 5 (safety), and part 6 (Away for Shabbat).

Did I miss anything?

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