Rosh Hashanah menu planning and recipe ideas 1

One week to go! (until Rosh Hashana – yes, really!)

I’ll let it sink in.

Yep. I’ve got to get moving on this too!

Rosh Hashana starts next Wednesday evening, September 4th, 2013. And it’s a doozy: three days in a row (two days of Rosh Hashana and one of Shabbat).

Are you looking for some good recipe ideas? Me, too. 😉 Here are some that I’ve found, focusing especially on the simanim we traditionally serve:

Here’s a spiced carrot salad recipe that is best made ahead of time – perfect for this time of year!

Carrot salad

Check out this more Sefardic Leek patties (Keftes de prassa) recipe.

Leek patties

For pumpkin (or gourd) options, try

Apples (and honey) is kind of the big deal here. Check out these 36 apple recipes. I think the apple bourekas from Steamy Kitchen and Honey cake with caramelized apples from Busy in Brooklyn sound awesome!

How about a lentils with pomegranate and swiss chard recipe?

Try a fruity brisket or roast (photo and recipe on in their Rosh Hashana recipe section)

Here’s 2011’s Rosh Hashana menu (also a 3-day) and 2013’s RH menu from Mara at Kosher on a Budget.

So many options, so many possible recipes. Anything yummy on your menu?

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