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Contrary to the evidence here, I haven’t given up this blog! I’m still in the US for my health, and still working on getting back to normal while enjoying and managing 4 small kids and everything that comes with them. Bli neder, I’ll do a “what I did on my summer ‘vacation’ ” post and update everyone shortly. The take home message, though, is that everything is good and everyone (mostly me, although we had a case of lyme’s this summer with a kiddo, too!) seems to be getting back to healthy.

But whether you’re up for it or not (or I’m up for it – or not!) Yom Kippur is coming! This week, our Shabbat is actually Yom Kippur. Maybe it’s an easier cooking week, then, with no Shabbat meals to prepare?

I always get my kiddos fed early the night of and pack lunches and dinners for the day, including some treats. And I buy or prepare some entertainment (and possibly a babysitter) ahead of time since I’m not a great faster and going out much isn’t an option.

Here are some good posts on Yom Kippur for you to browse:

And for those looking farther into the future (although not *that* far!), check out this Sukkot superpage. From Sukkot menus and tips for making Sukkot easier to planning for a 3 day Yom Tov and Sukkot checklist, it’s all there. You’ll even get to see photos of our Sukkah!

I’d love any feedback you have on any of these topics. I’m always up for more tips and tricks!

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