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…is recovering. Yes, still. Or rather, again, and again. After my baby was born over Sukkot, I have been hospitalized four times, had my first ambulance ride, my first ever surgeries (yes, that’s plural), and had several other painful and uncomfortable procedures, all for pregnancy related “fun.” But now, I’ve been hospital free for over two weeks and it looks like everything is under control and getting back to normal iyH. Pretty please!

I’m spending the majority of my time just taking it easy. I still have a 10 pound weight lifting restriction for a few weeks after my latest surgery, which makes it hard, but my family has been helping out an incredible amount, and the kids are being especially good. BH (Thank Gd!)!


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My thoughts keep drifting here to OJH, though. While things have been a little out of control at home, I have done and read a few things I want to share with you.

First, I’m incredibly aware of how lucky most of us are. As someone who never had much in the way of health issues, I took my health for granted. Having to make “if I go back into the hospital” plans for every day the last few months, not being able to drive, not being able to lift, and just being sore and tired has made me grateful that these problems should be temporary and are hopefully solved for me. And I think of and pray for those who have it so much worse than I do.

I’m grateful for my extended family: parents, brothers, and sisters, who have taken turns at home with my older kids and at the hospital with me and my littlest baby (now 3 months old!) And I’m grateful that my kids are comfortable with them, and know they are loved and secure despite the unpredictable schedule they’ve had for the past few months. And I’m grateful for my strongest supporter, my husband. We actually have it pretty good, BH,

If you’re healthy, don’t take it for granted!

Second, I’ve been reading some interesting books. I’ve been kind of floating through life without doing much long term organization work, but our routines have remained generally the same. I’ve still been reading some books for inspiration though. One is called From Frazzled to Focused: The Ultimate Guide for Moms who want to reclaim their time, their sanity, and their lives. It’s a good review of some of the basic principles I do my best to follow. It was written by a frum Jew, but is pretty general.


We’ve also noticed some difficulties with the kids. Some are more sensitive than others, but we’re away from home, in another country from Daddy much of the time, without a lot of our things, and the plan keeps changing on us. We’ve been conscious to give extra time, love, and patience to the kids, but I’ve also been re-reading this book: Boundaries with Kids. I appreciate this kind of book since a major part of my job is raising healthy kids with great middot. I’m still working on mine, too!



And a fun one we’ve been reading with our kids: The Brick Bible. Yes, my kids are lego lovers. This is the Torah told in legos – who knew there were ninjas in the Torah? Of course, things like that are just good fodder for discussion. And a little silliness is fun! (Note that there are a bunch of version of this book, some not appropriate for Jewish readers.)


Don’t want to make time to read a book? How about this interesting article that advocates avoiding goals and focusing on the systems! Some very interesting points there.

And last, I’ve been cautiously making plans. It looks like I’ll be cleared to head home in a few weeks, which means international travel with 5 young kids…Remember the traveling with kids series? Time to revisit that! And try to store up some energy. I know they’ll have plenty. 🙂

Here’s hope that your lives are going smoothly and easily, dear readers!


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