Purim 2014


This year, Purim falls motzei Shabbat (Saturday night) March 15th and Sunday, March 16th. The fast of Ester is moved to March 13th, since it can be pushed off if it falls on Shabbat. For more of the specifics for this year, when things are a little different, see here.

(Click if you are looking for the six weeks to Passover checklist or download the Word doc one page summary from last year here: OJH-Pesach-planning-calendar-2013.)

Here is a link to some Purim resources: crafts, coloring pages, mishloach manot ideas, and more.

Check out our Super hero Purim projects from last year: Girl Scout Samoa hamentashen (see photo above!), crafts, fun mishloach manot ideas, and more.

Remember that Purim has 4 specific mitzvot:

  • Megillah – hear every word (twice!)
  • Give charity to at least two people
  • Send Mishloach Manot – gifts of food – to friends
  • Have a festive meal on Purim (some hold it must be meat)

With about two weeks to go, it’s time to consider these and be sure your plan is in place!

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