Pre-Pesach meals (2014)

Oatmeal directly from the packing.

This week, most people are going to be working hard on Passover prep. Cleaning the house, checking hidden places, shopping, and then the biggest and longest piece: cleaning the kitchen. So much work, and so much time!

Focusing on the food we will be preparing once we’re ready may cause something else important to slip through the cracks – feeding your family now! Or at least, that is what happened to me in the past. So now I plan ahead for the meals leading up to Passover using whatever is available and not kashered or put away yet (see the big ideas post here).

Here’s my menu and (brief cleaning plan for the week):

Sunday: (Re-check and review upstairs and downstairs): Shabbat leftovers

Monday: (Finish checking rice, clear shelves for Pesach things) Oatmeal / Mac and cheese / Burritos and quesadillas

Tuesday: (Move freezer contents to sold freezer) Oatmeal / Corn bread and beans / grilled cheese and tomato soup

Wednesday: (Clean school room) Oatmeal / Roasted veg / leftovers

Thursday: (Clean living room) Oatmeal / Pasta / omelettes

Friday: (Catch up and adjust, clean kitchen) Cereal / “hot dogs” / challah, carrot soup, cauliflower, chicken, lemon sorbet

Shabbat: Trix / Pasta and salad / leftovers and HB eggs

Sunday: (Clean and change over remainder of the kitchen, check romaine) Cereal / Special everything bagels we brought from the US (and froze!) with cream cheese and veggies. / Leftover chametz party!

Monday: (Cook) Cereal / (Starting now, no chametz, no matza!) Baked potatoes and cheese / raw veggies and chicken / seder!

Bli neder, I’ll get my Passover menu up soon, too. But here’s how we’re keeping everyone fed until Passover!


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