Shavuot is coming! (2014: Evening of June 3rd – 4th / 5th)

Shavuot is coming up quickly. Of course, if you’ve been counting the Omer, you know that! ūüėČ

Cheese blintzes, often served by Ashkenazi Jew...

Shavuot is a holiday celebrating the giving of the Torah. In Israel, it’s a one day holiday, and outside of Israel, it’s a two day holiday. It is often a dairy holiday, although many people do a mix of both. Cheesecake and blintzes are some traditional foods. My dh definitely prefers meat, but the rest of us prefer dairy.

If you haven’t started planning for Shavuot, now is the time!

  • Do you want guests? (Invite them, make travel plans, etc.)
  • What traditions do you have, and do you need to prepare ahead for any of them?
  • Do you want to serve anything special that needs advance preparation?
  • Do you have anything to order in the mail for Shavuot?
  • New jewelry/clothing for adults, toys/treats for kids?
  • Start thinking¬†menu thoughts¬†(I need to do this! Stay tuned…)

Here are some other Yom Tov and Shavuot resources:

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