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It’s Elul, the month before we celebrate all month long (Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot). While there is certainly a lot of spiritual prep to do, I’ll leave that to others (some good starting points are: Chabad’s Elul page and Aish’s spirituality page). There is a lot that needs to be done to prepare our house and our physical needs: new clothing, shoes, machzor, maybe books. If you don’t live in a large Jewish community, you might need to do it online. Here are the places I look (and please fill me in on your favorites, too);

Kids’ clothing:

Suits and Dress shirts: Amazon – I love plain black washable suits with vests, but they aren’t particularly fancy. When my boys gets bigger, I can’t wait to get them something nicer, like these gray pin-striped children’s suits. So, so cute – but for now the washable factor outweighs style. 😉 Nevertheless, you can get matching suits for your boys for decent prices on Amazon. JCP sometimes has good suit options, as does Burlington Coat Factory.

The Children’s Place: Good for dresses (although length can be an issue), accessories, and sometimes dress shirts. If you are into polos, there is usually a good selection.

Old Navy: Not very dressy overall, but I like the uniform pants. They come in slim and husky, but the adjustable waist is so helpful for me! We have them in black and gray for all of my boys.

Carters: We got everyone matching pjs (they go up to 12!) here this year, and ordered dresses for my girls.

Eichler’s: for tzitzit. Now is a good time to replace the grimy ones from the summer!

Ebay: A good source for many things, especially if you are willing to put some time into it! There is a wide range of dress shirts available in different sizes.

Adult clothing

For both men and women, Land’s End is a good option. They have skirts and dresses for women and dress shirts for men that are especially nice. You can find tzniut fashions at Ricci and Junees, including shells and dresses. You can also find modest clothing at Modest clothing and Mikarose. For my own clothing needs, I tend to search on Ebay or check out the dresses on JCP, Macy’s, or Amazon.

Tichels / Haircoverings

There are several of these I have come along lately! Judith de Paris – the store isn’t fully updated lately, but there are great pictures on Facebook. These are different from the traditional tichels you’ll find! Wrapunzel – Creative and interesting wraps, tichels, and accessories (and their Facebook page) The Tichel Shop – Different kinds of headcoverings Cover your hair – More options, from scarves and hats to headbands and flower barrettes You can also see many options at Etsy and Ebay – just search.

 Machzorim and Books

Prayer books – you can find your best fit here at the Machzor guide. Many can also be found on Amazon. For books, we do both Eichler’s and Amazon. You can also find them at Jewish Used Books. You can still order your choices and get them in time for this year!

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