Sukkot – links, resources, and menu ideas (oh my!)

I hope everyone had an easy and meaningful fast! Now that we’re ended Yom Kippur, we are ready to jump right back into more mitzvot. It’s time to get ready for Sukkot!

Sukkot is a harvest festival where we live (eat, some sleep) in booths – flimsy, temporary dwellings with a roof where you can see the stars. We shake our 4 species (lulav and etrog) and remember that we are completely in Hashem’s hands. (For more details, check out this summary.) Sukkot begins after sundown October 8 in 2014 and runs into Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah, which backs up into Shabbat ending October 18th for those outside Israel. Here’s a link to a calendar for you to determine exactly when it falls for you (and times).

Here are my oldest two in our Sukkah in 2011 – I just love this photo!

Sukkot (or Sukkos, or Succos…)

Here are some posts that might be useful for you:

While you are working on your menu, here are some other links that might help:

What do you recommend to read around the web for Sukkot? Anything exciting planned?

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