The Shabbat project: October 24-25

6 Continents, 35 Countries, 340 Cities, 1 Shabbat – this week!


From LA to London, Melbourne to Moscow, Bondi to Brooklyn, Jerusalem to Johannesburg, Toronto to Tokyo… in every corner of the globe, people are joining the biggest global Jewish unity event the world has ever seen. The Shabbat Project: Now in 340 cities and 35 countries.

The Shabbat project (AKA Shabbos project) is endorsed by some big names, including Mayim Bialik, Paula Abdul, even the Canadian Prime Minister. It’s trending on Facebook and Twitter as #Keepittogether

Here is a link to the Shabbat project app – “packed with all you need to know about keeping Shabbat, delicious recipes, games to entertain the kids, and – best of all – it puts your phone to sleep for Shabbos!”

The synagogues near me aren’t participating officially, and this comes right on the tail of the many holidays, but I think this sounds pretty cool, and wanted to pass it on!

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