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It’s that time again! Passover is coming, and I’m making my menu plan. It’s more fun than cleaning! 😉

I make my menu with a lot of flexibility. My seders are both the same  – it’s just my family this year, and by the time the second seder starts around 9:30pm or so!, I can’t imagine there will be too much eating from the littler people. But I’ll sub in another veggie the second night and call it good.

I also plan just a selection of meals for chol hamoed and we see what we’re up to and what we’re in the mood for as we go. See some of my ideas for Passover meals on my Passover Pinterest board. And many of these are just recycled from previous years – no need to reinvent the wheel! If you check out a previous year’s menu, you’ll see a lot of the same thing. Good for memories and because I know what worked and what didn’t. (I take notes just after the holidays to help with that.) And a note: we’re Sefardi, so we eat rice and kitniyot.

Here’s my plan for this year (see 2013 and 2014 menu)

Seders: Matza, Marror, Charoset, etc. Plus: matza ball soup, roasted cauliflower / moroccan eggplant, spice rubbed chicken stew, and matza crack

veggie salads served throughout: israeli, eggplant, pepper, tomato

Shabbat / 1st day lunch: Matza, veggie salads, chicken salad with blueberries (from this Passover cookbook), and strawberry lemon sorbet (one of my kids’ favorites!)

2nd day lunch: Matza, veggie salads, ceasar salad (minus the croutons, but with glazed pecans) crudites, meringues


Breakfasts: coffee cake, matza and spreads, fruit, yogurt

Lunches: matza pizza, tuna salad, quinoa with roasted veggies, leftovers

Dinners:beans and rice with cauliflower tortillas, stir fry and rice, potato bar, hamburgers

Snacks: Yogurt, string cheese, fruit or veggies, cookies, “rolls”

Second days:

Shabbat: dinner – salads, matza ball soup, meatballs, cookies

lunch – salad with avocado citrus dressing,

dinner – salads, potato soup, warm quinoa and spinach salad

lunch – remix of favorites (AKA leftovers!)


For more Passover ideas, tips, and lists, check out the OJH Passover Superpage. I also have a 2014 Erev checklist to help you be sure you get everything done! (I’ll get on the 2015 version soon.)

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