Tichel organization

I’m here, folks, just slow on the posting. But here is a project I did recently that I though some of you might appreciate!

Tichels are headscarves or hairwraps. I have been collecting for a while, but mine seriously needed some organization. I used a box, a drawer, and then this scarf hanger, but…it wasn’t working! This is the before picture:

Tichels before


There is a box that’s not in the photo with some tichels in there, too.

Then I saw this video from Rachel on Wrapunzel, and her beautiful scarf collection and storage inspired me to do something very similar. I measured the space I had available and then headed to Ikea.

Tichel parts



Because of the size I have, regular curtain rods wouldn’t work. However, Ikea has flexible curtain wires that can go around corners and into irregular spaces called Dignitet. I bought one set with the wire and 4 more  corner supports. I came home and got to work installing three rows of wire. (It’s all one wire, but it’s put into 3 rows).


Then I started tying on my tichels. At first, I thought to just set them on the wire to save space. However, I quickly saw that brushing them wrong means a rain of tichels – not good for keeping things neat!

SoI tied them all on, including my sashes on the vertical wire along the left. If you do something like this, I recommend starting from the top, though. It got a little puffy when I kept having to tuck more scarves down behind the lower ones. But I’m really happy with the finished product!



Although some of my triangle scarves needed to be kept on the other hanger.


It looks a lot better, but I think I’ll need to figure out something for them in our next home. I also still have to find a good way to store the headbands and accessories I use. Any suggestions?

Check out this post for more great ideas on tichel organization!


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