Freezer organization: Starting the great freezer kugel adventure 4

OK….so that title might be a little more grandiose than the reality. Maybe. But I’ve started re-stocking up my freezer, and that means chronicling the great freezer kugel adventure here at OJH! What does it mean? Basically, I have a bunch of kugels/quiches/veggie dishes frozen in quantity. I try to […]

Freezer organization (Part 1): Inventory worksheet

  I open the door and peer inside. There are rows of 5 different kugels, pans of chicken ready to bake, a stack of deli rolls, shwarma pies, some challah rolls, bags of meatballs, some pastries, soups, Moroccan cigars…all frozen solid, neatly labeled and stacked, inventoried, and waiting me to […]

Freezer friendly bean, rice, and cheese enchiladas

This a delicious vegetarian cheesy bean and rice enchilada–and it’s a freezer friendly meal, too. Just make an extra pan or two. Yum! 1-2 C beans (I like black, amount depends on proportion you like, but I usually do approximately 1:1 with the rice) 1-2 C cooked rice 1/2 C […]

Freezer mentality

I just had a baby. Well, not just. She’s two months old at this point! But before she was expected, I filled our freezer so I could have less to do when she was young. I made shwarma pies, jachnoon, quiches, kugels, and more. The biggest thing was 12 pounds […]

Cooking day today! (Passover)

The ovens are cleaned, the stovetop is covered, my sink is prepped, and my table is ready. Passover cooking, here I come! At the request of some people, here is what I will be feeding my freezer today iyh: roasted eggplant dip zhug (spicy pepper relish) 2 sweet potato pies […]

Taming the pantry, fridge, and freezer beasts!

February/ Adar I goals Taming the pantry, fridge, and freezer beasts Planning and prepping meals AROUND Passover (that don’t need to full kitchen) Getting everything ready for Purim Miscellaneous errands, purchases, and bargain hunting. On to taming the food storage beasts. (See more about my Passover planner HERE.) We all […]