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Time off for busy behavior? 2

I’ve had a few weeks “off” from posting. Things have been very busy here, with getting back into the homeschooling swing of things after some time off, starting a new quarter teaching Abnormal Psych and Critical Thinking classes to college students (online!), hosting over 100 people for several different work […]

Thanksgiving? Free planning ebook!

Thanksgiving is next week! For those who celebrate, if you need help planning, there is a free e-book here along with links to recipes and planners – here is a sample. We usually just do a Thanksgiving flavored Shabbat: chicken (we don’t usually have turkey!), maybe cranberry sauce, plus cornbread […]

An OJH button!

This blog has taught me a lot. First, although I am computer literate, I never really had to deal too much with html or anything else more involved than clicking through webpages. Since I started writing here, I updated a premade template, added in configured widgets, wrote code to change […]