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Get your bargains now!

Now is the time to stock up on things you use year-round. Grape juice, matza ball soup, gefilte fish, and other traditionally Jewish foods are on sale, often a really good sale NOW. This kind of sale really happens twice a year: before Rosh Hashanah and before Pesach (although sometimes “Jewish food” goes on sale […]

Plastic ware

A place for paper goods (for Sukkot or any time!)

How much do you use disposable tableware? How about around this time of year? Normally, we don’t use much disposable tableware. With a lot of guests, or over a long yom tov, or when it’s around the chagim (these and Pesach), we use them. We buy the nice plastic ones like the photo above. However […]

My #1 organizing tip 4

…is to have a book for your household! Whatever you call it (control journal, homemaker handbook, shalom bayit book, family manager notebook), this is a crucial book for keeping your household running smoothly. I call this my shalom bayit book (SBB). Shalom bayit is Hebrew for peace in the house – which is what we […]

Shalom Bayit book (SBB)

Food challenge!

We have been blessed with food. Lots of food! Add that to the fact that I tend to stock stuff away and then have a harder time using it, and you’ll see why I need to challenge myself several times a year to use what we have. OK, not only what we have. We still […]

I don’t pay for razors or toothpaste anymore…

I get them for free! No, not the infamous 5-finger discount, but just watching sales and using coupons wisely. I’m not an extreme couponer. I actually saw a special on that recently, and I was shocked. People spend 40 or more hours couponing each week. They have stockpiles of things that will last them years, […]