Pharaoh Chicken part 1: How do you make a mummy chicken? (And why?)

Yep, we’re making a mummy chicken. For real. We’ve been studying some basic facts about ancient Egyptians, including their writing system, which was among the first in the world, and their burial practices. Without getting to much into why, we compared how we prepare bodies for burial with how they […]

Making matza with kids (and recipe) 4

Today we made matza (unleavened bread) for parshat Bo and Shabbat meals this week. We had a fun time making it, but can definitely appreciate buying it for Passover instead of having to make it ourselves with so much pressure. We managed to make it in 18 minutes in small […]

Freezer organization: Starting the great freezer kugel adventure 4

OK….so that title might be a little more grandiose than the reality. Maybe. But I’ve started re-stocking up my freezer, and that means chronicling the great freezer kugel adventure here at OJH! What does it mean? Basically, I have a bunch of kugels/quiches/veggie dishes frozen in quantity. I try to […]