Yom Tov / Chag

Passover 2015 guides are out!

Passover is really coming now!¬† There are tons of resources available, and the guides are out. Here are some links for you: 2015 Star-K Passover guide:¬†Free download¬†and other Passover articles CRC¬†Passover 2015 OU¬†Passover 2015¬†(or¬†download the guide) Rabbi Eidlitz¬†Passover 2015 COR¬†Passover 2015 Seattle Vaad 2015¬†(Sephardi / Ashkenazi¬†download) West Coast Beit Din […]

Hanuka resources

Hanuka (Hanukkah / Chanukkah) is only a few days away! In 2014, it begins the night of Dec 16th. Are you ready? Here’s a Hanuka checklist with things you’ll need. Each of the major Jewish websites has its own big Hanuka page with their own links. My favorite is Chabad‚Äės, […]