Decluttering – and a challenge? 9

A few weeks ago, on Facebook, I found out that some of you are interested in decluttering. How about you? I know I am! I’ve seen people doing a 500-thing challenge, or a X number of day challenge, or a number of other formats, but it seems like decluttering is something […]

Shabbat checklist – getting it all done on time! 2

These short winter Shabbats can be hectic! Sometimes it’s a heart-pounding, tense race to get ready on time, even though I wish it wasn’t. That is definitely something I need to work on. One way to manage is to have a good Shabbat list (or two). I just updated mine, […]

Hanuka (Hanukkah / Chanukkah) resources

Hanuka is already here (Dec 6 in 2015)! Or Hanukah, Hanukkah, Chanuka, Chanukkah…I tend go with the simplest of the myriad possibilities for spelling, but you do whatever works for you. Each of the major Jewish websites has its own big Hanuka page with their own links. My favorite is […]

Do you color?

I do. See? It’s something that is relaxing and kind of zen for me. When my kiddos are working peacefully, or we’re listening to an audiobook, or things are starting to feel a bit stressful, I can pull out my good colored pencils and take a few minutes to work […]

Fast of the 17th of Tammuz

It’s shiva Asar b’Tammuz over Shabbat, but the fast is pushed back to Sunday – the beginning of the three weeks. We fast in memory of the breaching of the walls of Jerusalem. It’s a minor day fast, although long and hot in many parts of the world. Time to […]

Tichel organization

I’m here, folks, just slow on the posting. But here is a project I did recently that I though some of you might appreciate! Tichels are headscarves or hairwraps. I have been collecting for a while, but mine seriously needed some organization. I used a box, a drawer, and then […]

Air travel with kids

A few months ago, I flew internationally with my 5 kids and no other adults…do I qualify as an expert at this – or maybe just crazy?! It was home to the US for a family wedding, so a really good trip. But over 24 hours door to door, 3 […]

Shavuot is coming!

Shavuot (Shavuoth / Shavuos) is the holiday where we celebrate the gift of our Torah. We’ve been counting toward it since Pesach, and now we are finally almost there! Shavuot starts immediately after Shabbat this upcoming week. So for those of us who are living outside Israel, it’s a 3 […]

Passover- menu changes and how it’s going so far

You may remember my 2015 menu plan, written just a few short days ago. It looks great on paper, and I tried not to go too overboard and keep it flexible so we could get what seemed good for the day. But still, I found that things have changed since […]

Dayenu – and our favorite acapella videos for Passover

Here is our latest favorite from the Maccabeats. (Seriously, I think this is our favorite right now – I didn’t wait until the end!) From the Boys Town Jerusalem: And two takes on a popular song out now – which do you like better? (and) Or how about Passover Rhapsody? […]