Passover props – where to get them (or directions to make them)

I mentioned Passover props in my “Purchase for Passover” list, and I got a flurry of e-mails asking what I used. So here are some of my ideas and the resources to get (or make) them yourself (also see the Passover project list here and some ways to make the seder more fun for kids here.) […]

Purchase for Passover List

I have to get some things ordered for Passover since delivery here takes a while. These aren’t specific to Passover things, but things I need to buy before Passover comes – and you may need them, too! Here’s my list: Toothbrushes (Electric toothbrush heads, Shabbat toothbrushes, and/or manual toothbrushes) Toothwash or toothpaste for Passover Paper or plastic plates, […]

Passover countdown activities (kids)

OK folks, you won’t see this one on Pinterest. It’s not picture perfect, like some all those gorgeous photos other people are putting up. It’s made with the kids, and made to be used. And it didn’t take a ton of time! It’s our Passover countdown! I like to get the kids involved with Passover […]

Passover countdown

Good Passover cookbook for a good cause!

Wow! Looking for a good Passover cookbook? Check out this e-book by 4 kosher bloggers! (The link is to purchase from Amazon). For the next few days you can get a copy for $1.99 and 50% of proceeds will be donated to MAZON, a Jewish Response to hunger. Passover recipes AND a mitzva? Count me […]

Fill up tonight – tomorrow is the fast of Ester!

Thursday is the fast of Ester! Normally it’s right before Purim, but when Purim is immediately after Shabbat, we push the fast back. This can make the Halachot a little different if you have shailot, just as a note! So tonight’s dinner should be pre-fast – here are some ideas. We had soup, french toast […]

Purim resources – 2014 homeschooling edition

You may remember that we’re a homeschooling family. I haven’t been good about posting what we’re doing this year with all the health issues that came up, but now that I’m getting things back on track, I want to share with you some of what we’re doing to get ready for Purim. First, the kids […]

6 weeks to Passover – 1 page planning sheet!

Yep, we’re at the 6 weeks until Passover mark. And although I spent today making a quadruple batch of awesome lemon cookies for the freezer (we are blessed with frequent visitors!), I’m also planning some things out.  (No I didn’t make the cookies in the picture today, but let’s call it inspiration!) Like ordering those […]

Purim Resources 2014

Purim is on its’ way. This year it’s March 15 – 16! You can download a selection of articles on Purim from YU here. Check out the audio and video links here. And here is the OU’s Purim page. Looking for some mishloach manot ideas? Check out some from aish, Chabad, and Kosher on a Budget . Here is what we […]

Purim 2014

This year, Purim falls motzei Shabbat (Saturday night) March 15th and Sunday, March 16th. The fast of Ester is moved to March 13th, since it can be pushed off if it falls on Shabbat. For more of the specifics for this year, when things are a little different, see here. (Click if you are looking for the six […]

Purim planning 2

We’re less than a month from Purim, and I’m starting to get back in a rhythm here. Time to start thinking about Purim things! -Costumes: (I got some after Halloween, and we’ll probably do something with the boys together. My 2 yo daughter will want to be a princess, like every other day. And I […]