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Shoftim: Resources and Ideas 1

“Justice, justice, you shall pursue.” Moshe dictates, and so institutes a system of judges, investigators, witnesses, and law enforcement. Each generation will be given leaders to follow. We are also given laws about idolatry, sorcery, cities of refuge for inadvertent murderers, and a list of who should stay home from war. We learn about trying […]

Eikev: Resources and Ideas 1

Moshe continues his speech, promising that with the observance of mitzvot, they will prosper and grow in the promised land. He reminds them of their continued rebellions and complaining (hence the name of this week’s Itche Kadoozy video, “We whined a lot“). Moshe tells them about the land they will soon enter, and to destroy […]

Vaetchanan: Resources and ideas

Vaetchanan (AKA Vaeschanan) Continuing on with Moshe’s review of the Torah (from last week’s parsha), we hear about how Moshe begged to see Israel but was only allowed to glimpse it from afar. Moshe recounts the Exodus from Egypt, and predicts that future generations will be exiled and then gathered again. This parsha includes a […]