Tichel organization

I’m here, folks, just slow on the posting. But here is a project I did recently that I though some of you might appreciate! Tichels are headscarves or hairwraps. I have been collecting for a while, but mine seriously needed some organization. I used a box, a drawer, and then […]

Getting back on track. Again.

I’ve written this post in my head several times, but here goes… Things have been quiet here lately because I haven’t really been feeling too organized. In the past year, I have had a baby, 6 hospitalizations, 1 ambulance ride, 2 international moves as the only adult, and then spent […]

Organized… and not so organized

As usual, I have some things well in hand and others…well, they are manageable mostly. I tend to post about things that are going well. Lest you imagine that things are always perfectly in their color coded, labeled boxes around here… Thanks, kiddos, for the pile. I do a lot of […]