Rosh Hashanah preparation

Do you have your Rosh Hashana checklist? 4

Don’t worry, I’ve got it! 😉 Complete with a list of the simanim, things to do, and space for the candle lighting time. Find it here: RH checklist I’m got a big batch of challah to make today, a few other odds and ends to prep, and my kitchen to […]

Rosh Hashanah countdown: 3 days to go

The Rosh Hashanah countdown continues. It starts Wednesday night of this week! It’s definitely coming quickly. Here’s my plan for tomorrow. Sunday, September 25, 2011 Extra tzedaka Clean living room and dining room Fresh food shopping (meat, produce, dairy) Check guest room and finish setting up (sheets, towels, a bottle […]

One week until Rosh Hashanah! 1

From tonight, we have one week until Rosh Hashanah! Selichot are in full force, and we are preparing to greet our New Year with joy and improvements in ourselves. What are you doing to physically prepare for Rosh Hashanah? Have you gotten a Rosh Hashanah checklist, Rosh Hashanah Menu Template, […]

A detailed plan for Rosh Hashanah: start at the end (Tishrei 2011 part 3)

Rosh Hashanah is the first of the holidays in Tishrei, and having a detailed plan for Rosh Hashanah helps you get it under control and done so you can enjoy the holiday. In part 1, we talked about preparation and in part 2, we talked more about menu planning. Now […]