Sukkot planning

Sukkot superpage!

Here are my oldest two in our Sukkah in 2011 – I just love this photo! Sukkot (or Sukkos, or Succos…) Sukkot 2011 plan (and checklists) Sukkot Menu Template (with total cooking plan, blank grocery list, and staples) Sukkot Menu plan (2011), (2012) and (2013) Sukkot checklist (for before candlelighting) Here are some posts […]

Menu planning Monday (Sukkot part 1 edition)

Lots going on this week, but we still have to eat, right? Sukkot starts on Wednesday night, so those are fancier than normal meals, all with at least some guests (sleepover guests this time!) Welcome to the fall weather, too. Sunday: Pizza bagels for lunch, dinner out for shwarma/falafel — […]

Planning Tishrei on a budget (Tishrei 2011 part 1)

Planning Tishrei on a budget can really be tricky, can’t it? That includes Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Shmeni Atzerest, and Simchat Torah–lots of holidays! In my family, I have a regular monthly food budget. This month, it’s going to be significantly increased because of all of the holidays and […]