weekly menu plan

Menu planning Monday (Sukkot part 1 edition)

Lots going on this week, but we still have to eat, right? Sukkot starts on Wednesday night, so those are fancier than normal meals, all with at least some guests (sleepover guests this time!) Welcome to the fall weather, too. Sunday: Pizza bagels for lunch, dinner out for shwarma/falafel — […]

My #1 organizing tip 4

…is to have a book for your household! Whatever you call it (control journal, homemaker handbook, shalom bayit book, family manager notebook), this is a crucial book for keeping your household running smoothly. I call this my shalom bayit book (SBB). Shalom bayit is Hebrew for peace in the house […]

Menu plan Monday

We’re continuing on with the pantry/refrigerator/freezer challenge this week. Nothing much going on here this week that will affect our menu plan except 6 guests for Shabbat lunch. Breakfasts: Yogurt and cereal with milk, pumpkin cream cheese muffins, plus fruit. Lunches: Sandwiches, bagels, pasta. Sunday: Zucchini soup and challah Monday: […]