“Emergency” Shabbat to go kit

There are times that one of us needs to be away for Shabbat, and sometimes with little or no notice! We have an “emergency” Shabbat-to-go kit to help us handle this. It’s everything you could need for Shabbat in a glamorous container – an old wipes tub… This is packed […]

Shabbat shalom – and a simple menu

This week is Parshat Vayelech. It’s finally starting to be cool here now, which is great. I love fall, and it makes soups much more appetizing to my family! Rosh Hashana is behind us and Yom Kippur and Sukkot are to come, so we’re playing it relatively simple this Shabbat and incorporating leftovers […]

Shabbat shalom! (photo post) 3

A few photos from our house today as we prepare for Shabbat: Red lentil soup (recipe)   Prepping another salad Soon to be eggplant relish More making of eggplant relish The finished eggplant relish “flowers” from the kids l’kavod Shabbat Shabbat shalom!

Reader question: Dishes and kitchen on Shabbat 4

In this week’s challenge, we’re working on our Shabbat: organizing it, getting preparations done more smoothly, and now…the kitchen. Shuli asked a good question that is very relevant to me – and I’m guessing a lot of other readers, too. Shuli writes: “I don’t like to spend the whole shabbos […]

Are you making challah today?

Remember, this week is when we get the mitzva to take challah! (Here’s more information if you’re not sure what that means.) I’ve heard that’s its a segula, but not for what or from where. And I have no sources for backup on that. But taking challah is a good […]