Yom Tov / Chag

Shavuot is coming!

Shavuot (Shavuoth / Shavuos) is the holiday where we celebrate the gift of our Torah. We’ve been counting toward it since Pesach, and now we are finally almost there! Shavuot starts immediately after Shabbat this upcoming week. So for those of us who are living outside Israel, it’s a 3 […]


Passover 2015 guides are out!

Passover is really coming now!¬† There are tons of resources available, and the guides are out. Here are some links for you: 2015 Star-K Passover guide:¬†Free download¬†and other Passover articles CRC¬†Passover 2015 OU¬†Passover 2015¬†(or¬†download the guide) Rabbi Eidlitz¬†Passover 2015 COR¬†Passover 2015 Seattle Vaad 2015¬†(Sephardi / Ashkenazi¬†download) West Coast Beit Din […]

Hanuka resources

Hanuka (Hanukkah / Chanukkah) is only a few days away! In 2014, it begins the night of Dec 16th. Are you ready? Here’s a Hanuka checklist with things you’ll need. Each of the major Jewish websites has its own big Hanuka page with their own links. My favorite is Chabad‚Äės, […]