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Preparing for Tisha B’Av

Tisha B’Av is coming next week (Monday night, August 4th through Tuesday sunset, Aug 5th). Some practical things to consider and prepare: Fasters: Fasting is easier when you are well hydrated and moderately fed. Lessen or stop caffeine ahead of time. Drink lots of liquids, especially water, several days before and up to the fast. And don’t […]

Quinoa salad

Shavuot menu 2014

Yikes! Shavuot is sneaking up on us! (Although we are still counting the Omer, say it shouldn’t really be “sneaking,” but it just struck me that it’s time to get moving on planning, so I feel like it’s sneaky.) We are still overseas, with very limited chicken available and no beef or lamb, so dairy […]

Passover planning

Erev Pesach 2014 checklist

We’re counting down the days! Here’s the super high tech way I planned this last week – a word doc with the appropriate number of columns. Here’s my checklist for being sure I’ve covered everything. I actually write in all the times, add each part of the menu, and hang this on the refrigerator so […]

Pesach menu 2014

I make my menu with a lot of flexibility. My seders are both the same (it’s just my family this year, and by the time the second seder starts beginning around 9:30pm or so!), I can’t imagine there will be too much eating from the littler people. Especially since we only have chicken legs and […]

1 week to go, and still buying chametz!

I went out to the grocery store tonight. Mostly for produce, especially fruit, which we go through at an amazing rate! But I also got some non-passover snack-type things that my kiddos love. I got comments on how brave I was to be buying chametz still…at 1 week to go. Really? Brave? I guess I […]