Shavuot is coming!

Shavuot (Shavuoth / Shavuos) is the holiday where we celebrate the gift of our Torah. We’ve been counting toward it since Pesach, and now we are finally almost there! Shavuot starts immediately after Shabbat this upcoming week. So for those of us who are living outside Israel, it’s a 3 […]

Shavuot menu 2014

Yikes! Shavuot is sneaking up on us! (Although we are still counting the Omer, say it shouldn’t really be “sneaking,” but it just struck me that it’s time to get moving on planning, so I feel like it’s sneaky.) We are still overseas, with very limited chicken available and no […]

Shavuot/Shavuos is about a week away!

Here are some things to consider as you’re planning for Shavuot: Do you want guests? (Invite them, make travel plans, etc.) What traditions do you have, and do you need to prepare ahead for any of them? Do you want to serve anything special that needs advance preparation? Do you […]

My #1 organizing tip 4

…is to have a book for your household! Whatever you call it (control journal, homemaker handbook, shalom bayit book, family manager notebook), this is a crucial book for keeping your household running smoothly. I call this my shalom bayit book (SBB). Shalom bayit is Hebrew for peace in the house […]

Shavuot Menu

We’re not terribly traditional when it comes to Shavuot foods. We like dairy here, and more than half prefer dairy to meat. So we enjoy this holiday – although dh holds that for a Yom Tov, he should eat meat, so there is some of that, too. Here is our […]