Two weeks until Shavuot!

It’s getting here more quickly than you think. Here are some things to consider now: Do you want guests? (Invite them, make travel plans, etc.) What traditions do you have, and do you need to prepare ahead for any of them? Do you want to serve anything special that needs […]

Prepping the Shavout wardrobe/gifts

On Yom Tov, we rejoice! What does that mean? It has been clarified that we eat better meals with more choices, we rest from “work,” and there are gifts. A husband should get a new piece of clothing or jewelry for his wife, and we get something special for children: […]

Shavuot foods

There are many traditional foods associated with the holiday of Shavuot (AKA Shavuos) . As we are starting to consider Shavuot menus… –Dairy: Shavuot is associated with dairy for lots and lots of reasons, but blintzes (strawberry or pesto?) and cheesecake are always welcome here! Those are the two most […]

Shavuot and summer are coming!

As we count the Omer every night, we get closer and closer to the 7 weeks from Pesach to Shavuot–and Shavuot is when we get the Torah! Every Jewish soul was present at Mt Sinai for the giving of the Torah, and it is a celebration! This is one of […]