Freezer organization

Freezer organization: Starting the great freezer kugel adventure 4

OK….so that title might be a little more grandiose than the reality. Maybe. But I’ve started re-stocking up my freezer, and that means chronicling the great freezer kugel adventure here at OJH! What does it mean? Basically, I have a bunch of kugels/quiches/veggie dishes frozen in quantity. I try to […]

Freezer organization (Part 1): Inventory worksheet

  I open the door and peer inside. There are rows of 5 different kugels, pans of chicken ready to bake, a stack of deli rolls, shwarma pies, some challah rolls, bags of meatballs, some pastries, soups, Moroccan cigars…all frozen solid, neatly labeled and stacked, inventoried, and waiting me to […]