Homeschool closeup to come… 2

As many people have been asking, I have decided to go into detail on our homeschooling plans. I have a two sons officially in school this year; one entering 3rd grade and one into Kindergarten. This week, I intend to share our plans with you! Update: Here they are so […]

Pharaoh Chicken part 1: How do you make a mummy chicken? (And why?)

Yep, we’re making a mummy chicken. For real. We’ve been studying some basic facts about ancient Egyptians, including their writing system, which was among the first in the world, and their burial practices. Without getting to much into why, we compared how we prepare bodies for burial with how they […]

Annual Torah Home Education Conference Information

I know thereĀ  are some homeschoolers and some potential homeschoolers here on OJH, so I wanted to help get the word out. I attended this conference two years ago, and found it really interesting and inspiring. I’m even more excited to be able to tell them what I’m interested in […]