2017 Passover guides are out! 2

Passover is really coming now!  There are tons of resources available, and the guides are out. Here are some links for you: 2015 Star-K Passover guide: Free download and other Passover articles CRC Passover 2017 OU Passover 2017 (or download the guide) Rabbi Eidlitz Passover 2017 COR Passover 2015 Seattle Vaad 2016 (Sephardi / Ashkenazi download – no 2017 yet) West […]

Feeling scattered and overwhelmed?

This time of year starts to feel a little hectic to me. We have Purim costumes, party, seudah (festive meal), holiday plans, mishloach manot (Purim gifts of food), and more to fit into the everyday sprint that many of our lives are. And I’m not even talking about Passover yet! […]

Yom Kippur planning and resources

Embed from Getty Images Yom Kippur is coming quickly – this Tuesday night and Wednesday (Oct 11-12, 2016). I usually make a Shabbat dinner for my kids, pack lunches for the next day and prepare snacks so I have little to do with food on the day. I also prepare […]

The Balabusta’s Daily Organizer Review #2: The Pocket Edition

I’m always on the lookout for a great planner. Right now, I’m using a combination of electronic and paper, but at my heart, I really am a paper girl. I like to see it all clearly laid out! I reviewed the the Balabusta’s Daily Organizer desk edition previously, and one […]

Rosh Hashana is in less than a week!

I have had a lot going on, and I intend to share a little of that with you. But first, the calendar is moving on, and it won’t hold back no matter how much we want a little more time. Rosh Hashana is in less than a week – it […]

Let’s talk about themes

  Decision fatigue is a thing. We have only so much koach (strength), and then it’s “Whatever. Sure, it’s fine.” Especially as we’re making important decisions, we need to be on the ball. Decision fatigue  – exhaustion from the hundreds of little decisions we make each day in addition to the […]

1 week to go! (Passover)

Passover is coming – Seder night is 1 week away!Here are some links and planners to help you get ready. Passover/Pesach (downloads in Word so you can adjust them for YOU) OJH_Countdown to Pesach Planner (Painless Pesach in 6 weeks, including an Erev Pesach checklist) 1 page Passover planner 2013 (inspired by […]