Yom Kippur planning and resources

Embed from Getty Images Yom Kippur is coming quickly – this Tuesday night and Wednesday (Oct 11-12, 2016). I usually make a Shabbat dinner for my kids, pack lunches for the next day and prepare snacks so I have little to do with food on the day. I also prepare […]

The Balabusta’s Daily Organizer Review #2: The Pocket Edition

I’m always on the lookout for a great planner. Right now, I’m using a combination of electronic and paper, but at my heart, I really am a paper girl. I like to see it all clearly laid out! I reviewed the the Balabusta’s Daily Organizer desk edition previously, and one […]

Rosh Hashana is in less than a week!

I have had a lot going on, and I intend to share a little of that with you. But first, the calendar is moving on, and it won’t hold back no matter how much we want a little more time. Rosh Hashana is in less than a week – it […]

Let’s talk about themes

  Decision fatigue is a thing. We have only so much koach (strength), and then it’s “Whatever. Sure, it’s fine.” Especially as we’re making important decisions, we need to be on the ball. Decision fatigue  – exhaustion from the hundreds of little decisions we make each day in addition to the […]

1 week to go! (Passover)

Passover is coming – Seder night is 1 week away!Here are some links and planners to help you get ready. Passover/Pesach (downloads in Word so you can adjust them for YOU) OJH_Countdown to Pesach Planner (Painless Pesach in 6 weeks, including an Erev Pesach checklist) 1 page Passover planner 2013 (inspired by […]

Decluttering: why I’m doing it and my goal

I posted before about what this, but I thought I should explain more. If you want to declutter your home, maybe it will help you set a goal as well! First, the why (for me): We’ve been living in this big house in a different country for nearly 4 years. That […]

Happy Adar! (Purim and Passover resources, too)

Happy Adar! This year is a leap year, both secularly (Happy Feb 29!) and Jewishly, when we get a whole extra month of Adar. Adar means Purim is on its way (This year, it’s March 23-24, 2016.) And Passover comes quickly upon the heels of Purim (If you’re already on […]

Decluttering – and a challenge? 9

A few weeks ago, on Facebook, I found out that some of you are interested in decluttering. How about you? I know I am! I’ve seen people doing a 500-thing challenge, or a X number of day challenge, or a number of other formats, but it seems like decluttering is something […]

Shabbat checklist – getting it all done on time! 2

These short winter Shabbats can be hectic! Sometimes it’s a heart-pounding, tense race to get ready on time, even though I wish it wasn’t. That is definitely something I need to work on. One way to manage is to have a good Shabbat list (or two). I just updated mine, […]