Special customs for TODAY (25th Elul)

Since we celebrate Rosh Hashanah as the day Adam and Chava (Eve) were created, that means that 25 Elul is the first day of creation. That actually falls on Shabbat this year, so many of these customs get moved up to Erev Shabbat.

  • Give extra charity. If it falls on Shabbat, like this year, pledge it by…
  • Get an aliyah, if possible
  • Avoid getting angry: always admirable, but particularly now
  • Light 5 candles for the “5 lights of chesed” that came into existence with Hashem command of, “Let there be light!” (I’m planning to do this before Shabbat lights. What a light-filled Shabbat we will have!)
  • Extra personal prayer requests. Shabbat candlelighting is a tremendous time for davening already, but how much more so on this day!

A brief (5 minute) shiur on this is available here

May you all have an especially blessed, light and kindness filled Shabbat.

Shabbat shalom!

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