Busy bag: Pompom sort 2

This busy bag consists of a bunch of pompoms, a set of plastic tongs, and an ice cube tray. Sounds kind of weird, right?

Except ds 2 loved it. When his big brothers tried to help him with some, he exclaimed, “No, dis MY WORK!” And he has played with it several times since. And both ds5 and ds7 took a turn, and had fun. DS2 just fills the tray with no pattern while each of the others did some cool patterns, even with more than one layer of color and size.

So this one is a success for the younger crowd, and probably even up to about age 5 for longer term use.

After 3 times, the (cheap) plastic tongs broke, much to their dismay. It turns out that spoons work well, too – and maybe they can even teach something about the use of a spoon to kids who have those lessons still to learn. And it’s good fine motor skills training.

We like this one!

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