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Yay for keeping kids entertained – and learning! (Check out other busy bag ideas here.)

This busy bag is something that is really easy to make–you simply need two colors of permanent markers and 2 sets of 26 different colored plastic spoons. One set of spoons should have the uppercase letters from A-Z written near the top of the spoon and the other the lowercase letters from a-z written near the bottom (of the bowl of the spoon).

The kiddo instructions are to lay out the letters from a-z, matching each uppercase letter with its lowercase match.

Ds7 particularly enjoyed this. DS5 is working on the letters right now, so this is fun for him, too. But it’s a little (OK, a lot) ahead of DS2. For now. 😉 Wouldn’t this be a good Hebrew letter activity for older kids with the script and print letters? Or how about fractions and decimal matching?

You could also use some or all of the spoons turned upside down as a matching memory game. Or spell out words with correct capitalization. These spoons are a surprising amount of (educational – shh!) fun!

And everyone enjoyed the cleanup. 😉

***This post is getting a lot of hits from Pinterest. Please wander around and let me know what you think! You can find a bunch of busy bag ideas (with more to come!) and much more here. Or follow my busy bags board for more cool ways to occupy your kiddos of all ages. (Well, I mostly have things for kids under about 8 or 10. But whatever works for you!)

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