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Parshat Mikeitz

This week, we continue on Yosef‘s story, picking back up with him in Egypt. While in jail, he had interpreted a dream for the wine steward, and Pharoah had some dreams that no one can interpret (involving cows and grains), so he gets Yosef out to interpret.  Pharoah is pleased, and lets him out of jail – he makes Yosef an important man in Egypt and gives him the task of preparing for the famine he predicted. His brothers come to buy grain when the famine hit, and they don’t recognize him. When they come back, he tests them by hiding a cup in the grain sack of the youngest (Benyamin). The brothers start to protect Benyamin, and…the parsha ends. (Here’s a more in-depth kid-friendly overview.)

Links: Here are the Aish, Torah.org, and Chabad pages on Mikeitz. Here are some coloring sheets, a parsha song,  a parsha Q and A, a dvar Torah, some copywork, and a fun video from Itche Kadoozy (my older boys love this silly series).

Here is  a fat cow/skinny cow craft

some more cow ideas

make a container of flour with something small, like a marble (reminiscent of the cup in the grain) and challenge people to find it using their hands (watch for a mess!). We used cornstarch and a glass “rock,” then made snow dough after with the cornstarch. No waste!

Make an I-Spy container like with some parsha related bits hiding in a jar of rice or bulgar. The jar is sealed, but you have to figure out how to shake it to catch a glimpse of everything on the list!

Grain-shaped challah (make long “sticks” of challah, slightly larger on one side, then cut into the fatter side all along the sides to mimic the grain, let it rise, and bake). See photos of how ours turned out here.

Make a wheatberry salad

Any other ideas for the parsha?

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