Our entryway in photos…

This week, our challenge is the entrance to our living spaces (see here for more on the 52 week challenge.) Here’s the entryway at my house, hopefully for some inspiration for you. Our entryway really works well for our family!

Here’s the wide shot. I try to have a place for everything we need to grab. My husband and I need a place to hang our coats, my purse, and our keys, so we have an adult height coat peg rack and some key hooks. (They are actually these removable hooks.)

My husband wants a place to empty his pockets when he comes home (and the little table used to be it), so I installed some little bins. My kids need a kid height place to hang up jackets, so we have the kid sized coat rack. We all have someplace to put our shoes (and no, it doesn’t always look this nice. But they are all contained and have a home, so cleanup is easy!) And the guys have their hats running on hooks down the wall, too.

The bins below are where the kids store their out of season shoes, like crocs in the winter or cleats and shin guards.

Last is the little chest of drawers we have  in the entryway (you can see it in the corner of the first photo). This is very helpful to us. It’s got a drawer for some things we commonly grab (like hand gel, tissue packs, and plastic bags), one for winter hats and gloves, and one for kippot. Because with three young boys, someone always needs a kipa on the way out. (We do kipa hunts every few days to collect them and return them to their home.)

This works so well for us because I have been tweaking it as we go. Whenever something starts to pile up, we have adjusted so the pile up item has a home that looks nice. No piles for us!

Other families might need places for their backpacks, or maybe don’t take their shoes off at the door, or prefer to hang everything in the coat closet. If it’s working, then great! If not, this week’s challenge is to adjust it so it does.

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