Just a little freezer cooking is good, too! 2

Sometimes I get into my head that I need to do a big freezer cooking day to stock up – something like the Kosher Once A Month Cooking (KOAMC) posts at Kosher on a Budget. I love the ideas of neat rows of frozen foods, ready to be pulled out every night for dinner for the whole month. It really appears to my “organized” self, and the one who is searching for dinner ideas!

But sometimes, just a little bit helps. This time, I made 2 shwarma pies and a pan of banana muffins with ingredients I had on hand. It may not be much, but I am starting to rebuild my emergency Shabbat meals stash, preparing some breakfast, and using overripe ingredients that I had on hand.

And just that little bit is good! Have you fed your freezer lately?

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