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This week’s parsha picks up after the Israelites leave Egypt and cross the red sea (in Parshat Beshalach): Moshe meets up with his father in law, Yitro, and his wife and sons. Yitro, a great thinker of this time, advises him to set up a system of judges and courts to administer justice. And the Israelites are told they are chosen to be holy by Hashem. They prepare for the revelation at Mt Sinai, which happens on what we now celebrate as Shavuot. Hashem descends in a cloud of thunder, lightning, and shofar blasts and calls Moshe up, since the people feel it is too overwhelming for them after the start of the revelation.  Moshe receives the ten Commandments directly from Hashem.

Links: Here are the Aish, Torah.org, and Chabad pages on Yitro. Here are some coloring sheets, a parsha song, and a fun video from Itche Kadoozy (my older boys love this silly series).

Parsha projects has a bunch of ideas on Yitro, like this mountain (Mt Sinai)

here is an Adventures in Mama-Land question and answer Yitro overview and parsha poem

Judges: Justice is an important theme here. You could do something with the scales of justice, or just talk about the judges set up for the Israelites.
Tencommandments: There are so many 10 commandment projects out there! You could do English or Hebrew, or both. (Check out this cool project with wipe package tops!)

Mt Sinai: a good parsha cake theme

or another option for Shabbat dessert.


Try some cool Torah jello cut outs, like these:


How about this luchot cake!!


Here is a nice midrash based book for this: The Littlest Mountain

Shofar: Now is a good time to reinforce the shofar you may have talked about during Elul and Tishrei and perhaps have more time to explore! Here’s a fun craft, especially if your kids like sewing like mine do.

What are you doing this week?

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