Shabbat shalom!

This week has been busy, with about 40 additional children coming in and out of the house for a few gatherings. And they were all homeschoolers. We went through the knees of 2 pairs of pants (touch/ kind-of-tackle football with kids ranging from 5-12), dozens of cookies (mostly leftover from my Hanuka party cookie bar), and had SO MUCH FUN! Having those cookies in the freezer made it really easy to host–I just pulled them out and we were ready to go! (I had some parve and some dairy because there are always people with allergies or who keep cholov yisrael, so I want to offer options for everyone.)

I have several more posts coming soon, in part inspired by having guests who were very interested in things around my house–our kid art displays, chore flipcards, and more. So look for those coming soon. I have also received a few notes about how more freezer cooking and organization would be helpful, so I’ll get more out on that. And I”m ramping up tax and Purim prep. More good stuff is on the way here at OJH!

Please e-mail <Amital at> or comment if there is anything you are interested in reading more about! Things are busy, and I’m writing as things strike me, but I’m always happy to focus more on something that will definitely be timely and of interest. Just ask!

In the meantime, here is a photo of an orange dreamsicle cake with chocolate frosting I made for Shabbat last week.

Shabbat shalom!

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