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(Download a 6 week  OJH_Countdown to Pesach, and a 1 page shortcut OJH Pesach planning calendar 2012 for writing your plans in.)

This is part of those goals I keep mentioning. 😉

Before these 6 weeks, I try to reorganize and sort through closets and drawers so it just needs a real check, but just in case, room cleaning is scheduled in.

  • What do you want to get out of the season? (2012: Calm, easy, and memorable Passover for all with good food, good learning, and fun!)
  • What don’t you want to have this season? (2012: Craziness, stress, and grumpiness.)
  • Plan to reach goals for 2012: Work smart, shop online and ahead of time as much as possible, do all heavy organizing early, keep hametz on main floor early, make basic kosher but not crazy Passover, include family in prep more, let some expectations slide more.

Keep your eye out for the 6 week out planner (click on link above for the whole thing in a word document) and get started planning your 2012 Passover.

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