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Passover plate with symbolic foods: maror, egg...

This year (2012), we have a Friday night seder. That is good news and bad (ish) news!

First, the bad(ish): If you want to have your kitchen turned over the Shabbat before Passover (which also starts on Shabbat), that means an entire week with a Passover kitchen. I know some people who do that – or even longer! But my family prefers to keep Passover food to the time where it’s actually required. Which brings us to…

The good: You can turn over later! I’m guessing many people are taking full advantage of this Sunday, whether to work in their kitchens or in the multitude of other places that may still need work.

I don’t really need a lot of cooking time, but I do need some, so I’m planning to turn over and be done by Thursday early afternoon. That gives me a whole day to cook, and really that’s enough for us. It means that we’ll be eating meals from some of our appliances starting on Wednesday (crockpot, rice cooker, toaster, etc.) and outside unless the weather is really bad. It’s something my kids actually look forward to!

That also means that to give the things that need a 24 hour rest that break, everything needs to be cleaned by Wednesday morning.

Looking for a general guide to cleaning your Passover Kitchen? This has got most of my jobs on it, but be sure you ask about things you don’t know about–everyone holds a little differently.

Hope your turnover is smooth!

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