52 Week Challenge Week 16: After Passover review and SBB update

Selection of bread in German bakery

Yes, please.

I know, you want to put everything away and out of sight ASAP (and get to your laundry! That pile really, really bothers me.) But really, taking a little more time as you put things away will make things SO MUCH easier next year, and for future years! I keep a running tally through the week on my Pesach excel spreadsheet. I have Pesach since 2007 on there. 🙂

First, make sure the things you’re packing up are clean and dry. And don’t think to keep sponges if they are at all damp. Unless you’re doing a science experiment, that is. Ahem…

Next, be sure that things are clearly identified. You won’t remember if that pot was meat or parve in a year – mark it! If you store away food, like matzah meal, write the year on it, too. You can use those things first next year.

Then pack your items well. Think about what it will face (damp? cold? heat? being dropped or moved?) and be sure it is appropriately packed.

Here is a list of lists that you should make after Passover–and put them somewhere you will remember them. On your computer, in a household management book / SBB, etc.

  • Inventory (what do you have for Pesach?) I split mine into Milk, Meat, and Parve cookware/utensils, carryover food, Judaica (Seder plate, kos, afikomen bag, etc.), and then other things. If you already have this, just update!
  • Wishlist: what you want for next year’s Pesach. Missing a cutting board, knife, or just want another pan? Write it down and shop throughout the year-you’ll save money this way and minimize craziness next year!
  • What you used: As you shop, write how much of something you bought, and after Pesach, write how much you used. That way, you’ll know you need only 10 pounds of potatoes instead of 25, or need 7 dozen eggs instead of 5. How much grape juice/wine/matza/shmura matzah? All of this will help your future self.
  • What worked, what didn’t: Did anything flop? Was anything a hit? These could be recipes or things you did. Did something make your day a ton easier? Note it for future years!
  • Shailas you asked, traditions, etc – anything that is specific to your Pesach. This will jog your memory in the future.
  • Keep the menus, shopping lists, and cleaning plan for next year–you can work off of it and it will make it less difficult in the future.

Taking this few minutes now will help you so much for next year!

Now rest and recover. Back to real life!

**If you make shlissel/key challah (a segula for parnassa, I think Ashkenazi minhag), it is traditionally done for the Shabbat after Passover. I’ve seen challot with actual keys (although some people hold it’s muktzah), ones with a key shaped impression, and challot shaped like a key. So that’s right about now! ****

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