Nitzivim: Ideas and Resources 2

Moses speaks to Israel, as In Deuteronomy 1

This week’s parsha tells us about Moshe’s last day. He reminds the Jewish people of their covenant with Hashem, and because they weren’t the ones who made it (their parents did!), they reaffirm their acceptance and make a new covenant. We get a promise to return to Eretz Yisrael, no matter how bad things get, and assurances that we can observe the mitzvot. We can choose to do so!

LinksHere are the, and Chabad pages on Nitzavim. Here are some coloring sheets and a parsha song.

Ideas (there aren’t a lot, so please send me what you have!)

  • Here’s a better (and funnier) parsha summary
  • Make a potato marshmallow souffle (from Devarim 30:12-14): “It is not in heaven…rather…in your mouth.”
  • Check out these challah shapes!
  • Here’s a kosher graphic novel of the parsha!
  • Ilana from jewishhomeschoolnyc suggests, “Nitsavim 30, 3-5 talks about Hashem gathering the people from all corners of the world to Israel. How about connecting the parsha to a geography unit on the continents and expand it to a lesson on Jews/culture across the globe?
Any other ideas?

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