Passover spending part 3

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I just wrote about what is probably the biggest spending category for many families for Passover: food. Then I wrote about saving while stocking the Passover kitchen. But there are lots more to tackle!

  • New clothes for kids (and new toys?)
  • New jewelry / clothes / scarves / etc. for wives (maybe husbands, too, but wives are a mitzva!)
  • nice paper goods or other things to pretty up your seder table
  • guests
  • miscellaneous: cleaning help, dry cleaning, child care, chol hamoed (the in-between days of the holiday) outings, sheital wash and set, etc.

This spending can vary widely – from thrift store clothing or hand-me-downs to full priced clothing, from a simple scarf to an expensive jewelry set, from homemade decorations to custom ordered, etc. What you spend is determined by your budget and your needs.

For clothes, be sure to shop your gift closet first. I usually have something stashed away for the kids for later – usually something I found on a great sale. Now may be the time to pull it out! We traditionally get the kids at least one new outfit for Passover, and often pjs and shoes, too. Especially lately, since everyone keeps outgrowing their shoes in a few months. But I digress…

For toys, we usually buy one toy for the kids to enjoy each of the first days – clics, legos, or something like this:

It’s an afikomen present, or just something fun for the kids to look forward to.

It’s a mitzva that increases a wife’s joy in the holiday for the husband to buy her something new to wear for the holiday. I often do this myself – or very specifically point something out to my dh. Like send him a link specifically, or “accidentally” leave the computer open to something I want. That way, what I get fits me and I like it. If could be $5 or $100.

Disposable dishes and paper goods make things easier, whether you use them in the week leading to Passover, the seder, the week of Passover, or after – or any of these combined. I used to buy disposable dishes at a local store, but   switched to buying online for better prices and easier delivery. It’s so nice to just have the things you order show up at your door!

A great source for paper and fancy plastic online is I’ve ordered several times from them and always had a good experience. If you’re placing your first order, you can use my referral code for $10 off: kwmaht639137hagtvg.

For guests, cleaning help, dry cleaning, child care, chol hamoed (the in-between days of the holiday) outings, sheital wash and set, and other expenses, they can be raised or lowered depending upon your need.

Is there something I left out? What takes a chunk out of your Passover budget? I’d love your thoughts, too!


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