Purim resources – 2014 homeschooling edition

Purim groggers

You may remember that we’re a homeschooling family. I haven’t been good about posting what we’re doing this year with all the health issues that came up, but now that I’m getting things back on track, I want to share with you some of what we’re doing to get ready for Purim.

First, the kids are helping us plan. That’s a standard for every holiday! For Purim, they help choose costumes, plan mishloach manot contents, make the labels, help make the list of recipients, help plan the tzedaka, help plan (and prepare for the older kids) the seuda, and more. They don’t all love every part, but it’s a family activity, and we all play a role.

Second, we review the story at the kids’ levels. We’ve summarized and read some books on it. We’re also doing a Purim workbook from Chinuch.org’s Purim page. The coloring is for the littler kids, the bigger kids do the Hebrew writing, and we all get more to talk about. Younger kids also like Purim activities like these from a Jewish Homeschool.

Another thing I’m doing with the older kids is working through the questions that interest them in this book: Inside Purim

It’s a really interesting look at Purim and the Megillah with a lot of different sources and interpretation. We’re choosing a few to focus on every day and we’re all learning a lot.

We also like Shalom Sesame Purim videos for the younger kids (or buy the video here), and the Queen of Persia video for everyone.

Maybe some crafts to complete costumes or decorate the house for the seuda (or make a grogger!) and we’re ready for Purim!

What are you doing to get ready?

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