Erev Pesach 2014 checklist

We’re counting down the days! Here’s the super high tech way I planned this last week – a word doc with the appropriate number of columns. šŸ˜‰

Passover planning

Here’s my checklist for being sure I’ve covered everything. I actually write in all the times, add each part of the menu, and hang this on the refrigerator so I don’t miss anything!

Click here for a customizableĀ Erev Pesach 2014 checklistĀ (in word). You can add, remove, or adjust anything you want! You can also see it in a post from 2011Ā here, if you prefer.

Here are some of the other things to consider:

  • Review times. Be sure you (and your kids!) get in your last chametz before the deadline.
  • Prep the biur and then burn it. Declare your chametz dust.
  • Finish your cooking, being sure your family has the appropriate non-chametz, non-gebrokts food to keep away the grumps.
  • Be sure you have checked your greens for bugs.
  • Laundry
  • Set your table. Involve your kids if they are of a good age, and make it as beautiful as you can. Include pillows for all. Take a picture if you can!
  • Prep and preplate anything you preferā€“premeasured lettuce packets, individual seder plates, etc.
  • Check your checklist
  • Prepare your candles, including your longer burning candle for lighting tomorrow’s candles
  • Bathe children and be sure everyone has clothes chosen
  • Shower and take the time to dress nicely, with makeup if you prefer
  • Bring in the holiday of Pesach a free woman!

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A die-hard listmaker and observant Jewish mommy of 5, managing the challenges of life bit by bit with the help of a Shalom Bayit book and lists. And chocolate, of course. Lots of chocolate.

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