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Today is Tisha B’Av, and there are some great resources out there. Here are some links (I couldn’t check all of these out, so please screen them first, but they came from different groups I belong to):

Tisha B’Av “camp” for kids: Videos and interactive elements , specifically for kids 3-7 but for anyone who is interested.

Wake the Dawn: The story of Jerusalem’s Holy Temple– approximately 30 minute video

Several videos from the Chafetz Chaim Foundation

Learn Eicha in depth with this text based video class

A slew of videos choices from Chabad: Tisha B’Av and the Three weeks

A written message for Tisha B’Av from Battalion 969

Here’s a detailed walk-though of the Beit Hamikdash (article)

If you have any good videos or other resources, please add them in the comments and I will put them up for future years!



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One thought on “Tisha B’Av resources (Adults and kids)

  • Leah Fine

    Thank you for this great list! I watched a Holocaust movie today , “The Lady in Number 6” & it was actually more inspiring than sad. I suppose that is a good thing, in a way—to have hope and optimism, even when faced with horrible circumstances.

    I hope you are having a meaningful & easy fast,