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I’ve been gone for a while, and I keep thinking of fantastic and involved posts…and not writing them. So I’m going to ease back in with some of the things that we’ve done lately.

Do you ever give your kids a count that is actually completely inaccurate? I mean saying, “5 more minutes” and then actually leaving 10 minutes later? Or is that just me?

I also ask for 3 minutes of picking up, or 7 minutes of typing, or 20 minutes of reading. And those, we are usually better about actually following the times. But it’s hard for the littler ones to track, and it’s just easier to delegate the timekeeping out.

We are lucky enough to live near an IKEA, and I came across these cute timers for less than $3 each. They have a magnet on the back, which is handy for sticking to magnetic strips and appliances. They can count down or up, which gives us many more possibilities.

Timers start

But they are kind of bland and boring. I’ve written that we have assigned the kids colors. I used permanent Sharpies markers to decorate each one according to my children’s colors and interests. I did them all free hand, although you could measure and plan like crazy if that’s what you want. And now the kids each have their own timer.

Timers decorated(Those are some metal insets in the background, a great Montessori activity my kiddos love!)

I have an extra for the kitchen and one for the playroom. We use them there often. And my children each have their own timers. They use them for timing some of the work, timing their laps, setting up games, and more. As long as they put them back in their place, their timers are available for whatever they can imagine.

If you are doing a 5 or 10 minute family quick clean, these will help. Or sometimes, if I’m facing a big project, I can start for a set amount of time and give myself permission to stop after however many minutes…it’s good to have an easy to use timer on hand.

Timers closer

So it’s a quick, easy project that’s useful and fun!

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One thought on “Timing everything (project)

  • Orah

    We use timers all the time ( pun intended). With homeschooling 6 kids it has helped keep us on track a little more, B”H! We use it for chores, playtime (outside), reading, time-outs, even bathroom trips!