Passover- menu changes and how it’s going so far

Menu planning

You may remember my 2015 menu plan, written just a few short days ago. It looks great on paper, and I tried not to go too overboard and keep it flexible so we could get what seemed good for the day. But still, I found that things have changed since then. I’m not the only person that happens to, right?

Some of it is that I can’t find everything I’d like here (we’re not in the US), some of it is that the kids weren’t interested in some of what I offered, and some of it is timing. But what actually was eaten is different than the original plan. Here is how the first days of Yom Tov went:


All of the seder food (matza, marror, sandwich, hard-boiled egg, etc.)

(no one wanted any salads or spreads by that point…)

Matza Ball soup

Meatballs and rice / cauliflower rice

meringues / lemon sorbet (kids asked for no strawberries  in the sorbet this year)

That was it. Our seders start really late here, so we’d already fed the kids, and by 11:30pm, who wants a big meal? Note to self – mini-marshmallows during maggid are a good pick-me-up for tired kids.

For the yom tov lunches, everyone was still kind of sluggish after the late nights. The biggest hit was the salads and spreads. Here’s what I made:

Tomato (sauteed onions and garlic and diced tomatoes cooked until thick, with fresh basil and lemon)

smokey eggplant – baba ganoush

Turkish eggplant


red pepper and cashew spread

white bean dip (kitniyot)

I’m planning to add a hummus and some preserved lemons as well for the week. But those are enough to keep people happy.

Since it is cold and snowing(!) here, I made a garlic and ginger red lentil stew and some cinnamon ginger cookies for lunch on Sunday. Lunch on Shabbat went pretty much as planned since it was all prepared before hand.

Now we’re to chol hamoed, and I’m working on lunches and snacks to take. We’re doing leftovers, of course, but also rolls, matza pizza, omelettes, etc.

I hope your Passover has been happy, smooth, and meaningful!



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