Happy Adar! (Purim and Passover resources, too)


Happy Adar! This year is a leap year, both secularly (Happy Feb 29!) and Jewishly, when we get a whole extra month of Adar.

Adar means Purim is on its way (This year, it’s March 23-24, 2016.) And Passover comes quickly upon the heels of Purim (If you’re already on Passover lists and resources, I’ve got you covered there, too.)

Some Purim resources here on OJH:

You can download a selection of articles on Purim from YU here. Check out the audio and video links here. And here is the OU’s Purim page.

Looking for some mishloach manot ideas? Check out some from aishChabad, and Kosher on a Budget . Here is what we did forsuperhero Mishloach Manot. You can make an easy grogger for the kids. There are many more ideas out there on the web – just search!

Coloring pages can be found here.

Order a Children’s Megilla or adult megilla (or an interlinear translation) for the readings.

Looking for some cool things for the kids? Try the Purim activity pack, these Purim puppets, some Purim kid links, a fun Lego summary of the story, or some of these other ideas from a Jewish Homeschooling Blog.

Here are some really nice (and maybe more adult) Purim-related crafts.

Happy Adar, and happy Purim!

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