52 week challenge

You can’t get an entire household organized overnight. But you can chip away at it over time –  attack different problem areas and even tighten up your system in the areas that are working. And just think how much better your home could be running if you took some time each day and did that!

My household is running pretty well overall, but clutter still builds and systems need adjusting to stay running and be better. Anyone with me?

In 2012, I’m planning to write a weekly series: a challenge! Each week will have an area and a series of tasks that should be your focus. Although I started this series in the secular new year, it will (of course!) be tailored to our Jewish homes and lives. It takes into account the holidays and helps you plan them out.

The challenge is something you can join in at any time, whether you’ve done previous weeks or not. Or if you missed a week or even fell off the bandwagon, just jump right back in. It may need some tweaking year to year since Jewish dates are different than secular ones, but the general gist is the same. Hop aboard whenever you catch us!

The idea is slow and steady progress, which leads to slow and steady–but noticeable and meaningful–change! Maintaining the changes will be easier than before. And I’ll be doing the challenge right along with you. I’d love to hear about your progress even as I post my own. We can motivate each other!

Bli neder, I plan to put up each week’s post by Sunday. Sign up for the e-mails (see the top of the page on the right side) to get the week’s challenge directly delivered to your mailbox!

Each month includes some weeks that are more planning (like your SBB) and some that are more physical (tackling clutter and making your entryway/mudroom work for you). Some weeks will take longer that others, depending on where you own trouble spots are. And I’ve gone ahead and put the holidays in, so you’ll be prepared when they come up.

Here is the general plan (expect some adjusting as we go, and links to each weekly challenge as it’s posted):

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